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The Mission of Expatriate Prescription Services

Our concierge service is designed to provide expatriates convenient access to high-quality, low-cost prescription drugs using an efficient and reliable delivery system to over 200 countries worldwide.


Some medications may not be available in all locations. Follow the link below to find out if EPS carries your prescription medications.

Medication Quality

EPS ensures you get the highest quality medications, even in destination countries where medications do not meet quality standards.

How To Prepare

Download our checklist to be sure you’re well prepared in case you need to order with EPS.

Transporting Medications

Transporting large quantities of medications can be inconvenient, costly, and medications may be damaged. Trust EPS with your medication delivery.

International Prescriptions

Our EPS pharmacy network can accept prescriptions from international doctors. Follow our FAQs page to see the requirements.

EPS is the Solution

Prescriptions are considered expired 1 year after the date they are written. Arrange prescription renewals with your doctor before living as an expat.


Innovative Solutions

Reliable & Trusted

Our Story

Our reputation for excellence dates back over 25 years (and counting!), and in that time, our dedicated team of service professionals has become intimately familiar with the process of delivering medications from our pharmacy partners to expatriates around the world.


Our mission is to make prescription delivery as quick and simple as possible for each of our members. We accept valid prescriptions, regardless of the country of origin, and we deliver medication right to the member's front door. EPS clients also love our automated co-pay collection and claim filing. No prescription delivery company offers this level of service!


EPS successfully delivers 99.7% of all orders placed. Risk associated with each order is managed with great care on a case-by-case basis on behalf of the member and client group.

The EPS team is passionate about providing concierge-level service to our clients with every single transaction.


Our team is passionate about the service we provide to our clients, and we are committed to delivering a gold-standard, concierge-level experience with every single transaction. EPS also proudly offers a personal courier service for high-risk shipments to guarantee delivery to your member.


All medications are securely packaged in original manufacturer packaging and labeled according to strict customs requirements, and we ensure that medications originate from countries with strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-equivalent regulations. With EPS, quality is never sacrificed for lower costs.


We offer an unrivaled, comprehensive, end-to-end prescription benefits management service for our members. That includes accepting member eligibility, administering prescription plans, and collecting co-payments. EPS orders are invoiced directly to the client group with detailed claim information and detailed, periodic reporting.

The EPS team is passionate about providing concierge-level service to our clients with every single transaction.


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Connect With Us

Service is at the heart of everything we do at Expatriate Prescription Services and it is our pleasure to speak with you personally in order to answer any questions you may have. We understand that everyone has their own set of unique and evolving needs and our team is standing by to offer a tailored solution just for you. Please use the form below to schedule a time to speak with your Expatriate Prescription Services concierge.


General Inquiries

If you have questions regarding our service or processes, our team would be happy to provide any information or insight you need.

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Planning Assistance

We will help you ensure that your medication needs are being met as you transition to living as an expatriate.

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Specialty/Expensive Medications

If you have questions about the quality, availability, or anticipated cost of a specialty/expensive medication, contact an EPS concierge for further guidance on your unique needs.

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Group Benefits

Is your group looking for ways to enhance the benefits offered to its members? If so, contact an EPS sales professional to learn more about helping your international employees.

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