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Ordering with EPS is as simple as filling out the online order form here and submitting a copy of your prescription(s).

EPS requires that all prescriptions:

  • 1. Be written in English on a doctor’s letterhead or prescription pad.
  • 2. Be dated and hand-signed by the doctor. Because EPS works with pharmacies overseas, we cannot accept e-scribed prescriptions.
  • 3. Include the medication name, strength and daily dosage.

Signed prescription copies can be emailed to concierge@expatps.com or sent via traditional fax to +1-540-777-7184.

PLEASE NOTE: EPS can only keep prescriptions on file for up to one year from the date they are written, regardless of the number of refills. If you will be out of the country for longer than a year, it is recommended that you develop a plan with your doctor for follow-up visits or for issuing new prescriptions in a years’ time.

To find out if EPS can supply your medication, please visit the “Expat Resources” tab. If you do not see your medication listed, you can submit a query by clicking here. Please note that in most instances, EPS cannot ship controlled substances.

EPS can ship to over 200 countries worldwide. This currently does not include Belarus, Moldova, Peru, Russia, and Sweden. For updated information about customs restrictions, it is strongly recommended that the patient contact the Ministry of Health in their country of receipt or a courier company such as DHL or FedEx. Check out our Expat Resources page for more country info.

The EPS pharmacy provider will select a shipping courier based on your location (typically FedEx or DHL). The fastest and most direct shipping routes will be used. If you are aware of a shipping method that has worked in the past, please indicate the courier on the online order form under Special Delivery Instructions.

Eligible members, their spouses, and dependents can obtain their prescription medications through the EPS program at a co-pay determined by their employer’s benefit plan. Refer to your benefit outline to determine if you have an applicable co-payment or if your plan requires that you reach a specific deductible.


Non-EPS cardholders must pay for their order in full. Your employer may become a participant with the EPS Program.


Contact EPS to find out how your employer can become an EPS Program participant:

Call EPS at: +1-540-777-1450 (8:30am – 5:00pm EST/EDT, USA)

Send us an Email at: concierge@expatps.com

EPS can accept prescriptions from a doctor in any country provided that it meets the EPS requirements and the medication is available from an overseas pharmacy vendor.

Contact us to see if EPS can provide the medication prescribed by your overseas doctor.

EPS can ship refrigerated medications in cool storage packaging that keeps your medication cool for 3 to 5 days. Contact EPS to find out if refrigerated items can be shipped to your country.

In most cases, EPS is not able to ship controlled substances. If you would like to have a controlled substance shipped to you overseas, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. Otherwise, please contact your doctor to ensure you can take a sufficient supply with you before leaving the US.

After your first order with EPS has been completed, we will send you a reorder reminder an estimated 6 weeks before you run out of medication. The reminder email will contain a summary of your previous order as well as a checklist to complete and return to EPS. If there are major changes to your order, we recommend completing a new online order form here.

You can still order with EPS even if you do not have an EPS benefit. If you do not have an EPS benefit, or you are not sure, contact a concierge services representative at concierge@expatps.com or call us at 540-777-1450 to find out more.