Regardless of the way you place your order, please remember that a copy of your physician’s original prescription must be provided to EPS to begin processing it. Prescription copies can be provided by mail, fax, by emailing a scanned copy, or you can request that EPS contact your physician directly.

Place an Online Order


An EPS Representative will contact any members for reorder reminders.

  • Members will be contacted via e-mail approximately 6 weeks prior to when their medications should be depleted.
  • Two attempts will be made to reach the member for authorization to process available refill(s).
  • If you have prescription refill(s) available and have not been contacted by an EPS Representative, please be sure to contact our office directly.

All refill requests must be received at least 14 days prior to the depletion of your current supply. This time frame is needed to safely and accurately fill your prescription(s) and ship them to you in the required time necessary.

If re-order requests are received with less than a 14-day lead time, EPS will not be able to guarantee that your prescription medication will reach you before your current supply is depleted.